SSC in the news: Making Prairie Village, KS a more carrier friendly place

SSC is in the news! 

From the Prairie Village Post:

Prairie Village council approves plan for expanded cell phone tower at 63rd and Mission

A photo simulation the proposed design approved for the 63rd and Mission site.

Changes are coming to the cell tower site at 63rd Street and Mission Road in the coming months.

On a split vote Monday, the Prairie Village City Council approved a request from Consolidated Fire District No. 2 to allow contractors to replace the existing 150-foot cell phone tower on the property with a fatter version that engineers say will allow the site to accommodate four carriers using the most advanced technology.

At present, the tower holds equipment for just two carriers — Verizon and AT&T. The new tower will allow both of those carriers to update their equipment and accommodate Sprint and T-Mobile as well.

Some members of the council expressed disappointment that the plan presented by Selective Site Consultants, the consulting engineer on the project, did not include options that made the tower blend in to the surrounding area better. Jori Nelson and Eric Mikkelson told SSC’s Justin Anderson that they had hoped to see the company flesh out options for disguising the tower as a tree or a flag pole. Anderson said that the drawbacks of those options — loud noises from the flagpole and the unnatural look of the fake tree design — made neither attractive applications for the 63rd and Mission site.

Anderson said his company’s goal was to provide an option that would accommodate cell phone carriers’ technological needs for years to come and prevent the city from having to consider more and more cell tower applications in the coming years.

“The tower as it is now can go no further with the technology,” Anderson said.

The measure passed on a 7 to 5 vote, with councilors Ruth Hopkins, Steve Noll, Andrew Wang, Sheila Myers, Brooke Morehead, Ted Odell and Terrence Gallagher voting in favor of the application.

An SSC Experience

5 office moves, 3 official logos and approximately 500 losing Powerball pots ago, I began my employment as the receptionist of Selective Site Consultants, Inc. In September 1999 the office consisted of approximately 10 employees and my job was pretty simple…answer the phone when it rings and send out an occasional package. As the SSC family expanded so did the duties and the office space. At one point we expanded office space to make enough space for a small gym with work-out equipment and an extremely large one person bathroom with a shower. Before the equipment could begin to gather dust (and it would have) the equipment was gone and the room was filled with more desks and more people and the purpose of the large shower turned in to a great place to water the office plants. I could no longer run from one end of the office to another in enough time to answer a phone call. Needless to say, from the perspective of a 21 year old girl just entering the professional world, it was a little overwhelming, but very exciting to watch SSC grow.

In addition to the company growth and success, the owners of SSC supported my personal growth by allowing me to take on the HR and Office Management responsibilities, which I have been doing for 10 years now. The faith that they had in me, gave me the confidence to know I could do it and the motivation to prove it. This support is just one of the many reasons that I am still here.

The SSC ups have definitely outweighed the downs by far over the years, but In 2008 SSC had a major down when we lost one of the founders of SSC, Hossein Novin, after a battle with Acute Leukemia. This was a hard one to swallow, but as it tends to do, this loss just made the SSC family stronger. While Larry Louk, Jim Steele and Terry Super encouraged all employees to take time to grieve, they knew the show must go on….and that it did.

There are now over 100 employees throughout SSC’s multiple locations and as the growth continues, it still feels like family. Just like with any large family, we adjust to our environments. We are surrounded by the same people every day. We may struggle putting names with faces and there are bound to be personality conflicts and miscommunications. We all have a different set of skills that are being put toward a common goal and that is how the success of SSC continues.

If you would have asked me 15 years ago where I would be in 15 years, I probably would have just relied on the game of M.A.S.H and crossed my fingers that I would be a successful self-employed massage therapist married to John Travolta with a personal limo driver to transport me to and from my mansion. I admit that I would not have predicted that I would be a human resources manager at Selective Site Consultants. If you ask me the same question today, my prediction is much more realistic than the game of M.A.S.H and I can see myself at SSC for another 15 years. And when that times comes, I look forward to writing my 30 year blog (or whatever it may be called in 15 years)…unless of course we finally win the Powerball then my blog post will be based on my visits to exotic lands. One can always dream!


-Megan Brown

Welcome to SSC!

Blogging for telecom, at least from the voice of an engineering and site acquisition firm, has many facets that can provide excellent topics for thought, interesting views from the mathematically inclined, and more than a sprinkling from the creative side as well.  So where do you start? Do you start with what’s new in the industry? What’s trending in the world of towers, modifications, and new sites? Should we discuss how many hashtags are necessary for a good post?

First off, let us address that last questions. The answer is none. #nohastags.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s dive into the real stuff:

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