Plaza Stephen Beyer

Director of DAS and Small Cell Services | 913.438.7700

Variations on the Macro Site whether with DAS, Small Cell or something else is always a challenge.

Whether covering an office campus or a downtown sports arena, SSC’s flexibility and experience ensures that we meet or exceed our Client’s expectations.

When we think of these new deployments, we start with these three issues:

1. Real Estate? Where are you going to put these?
2. Regulatory? Who do you have to talk to in order to get a permit?
3. Backhaul? How are we going to get these to talk to each other?

Local knowledge wins again.  SSC focuses on parties with skin in the game, creates relationships and brings champions to the table to seal deals. Chambers of Commerce, Neighborhood groups, School Parent Associations.  Win over the constituents, speed up deployment.

What are the specific coverage goals of your systems? HETNET is real. Everything has to work together.

1. Characteristics of the area
2. System Performance
3. Return on Investment.

SSC spends its time on the front end so surprises and changes are minimized at the end. Coordinating utilities, Landlords, and everything in-between.