Trevor Wood

Vice President, Site Acquisition & Regulatory Strategies | 913.438.7700

Site Acquisition

Our Site Acquisition specialists are experienced in handling multiple sites in multiple jurisdictions simultaneously.

We understand that each local government, owner, manager and end user has their own goals and requirements.  We strive to keep all interested parties apprised with the key information to make the necessary decisions at the proper time.

With local knowledge, we are able to select carefully screen locations that have been vetted to eliminate surprises.

Our ability to establish long term relationships with land owners and property managers give us the upper hand when choosing candidates for any project.

Our site acquisition specialists create candidate packages that are thorough, detailed and accurate.  Creative thinking ensures that candidates we choose are the best of the best.

With services including file audits, title review, lease exhibits, agreements, amendments, and zoning analysis, we can keep projects on time, and within budget.

Regulatory Services

The smallest detail can cause a delay or added expense to your project.  Our managers have the background to understand the implications and nuances of development codes, zoning regulations and other jurisdictional requirements to keep your project on line.

We manage third party vendors and offer that service as part of any turn-key project through a number of subcontractors with whom we have relationships.

Local, State, or Federal, SSC has the right experience for the task.

Long standing relationships with many communities help keep projects on track and within budget.

With the current focus on constituent awareness in zoning decisions, SSC has effective strategies for community meetings.

We state the facts and dispel misinformation about our Clients interests in public forums.

Our regulatory services department is like an extension of your staff without the in-house expense.