Small Cell

Beginning with projects in the right-of-way back in 2014, SSC understood the necessity of thinking ahead on matters critical these projects that also involve long lead times – regulatory, fiber and power delivery, and reaching agreements with jurisdictions regarding the use of existing poles and the use of right-of-way. Small cell deployments are typically done in parallel to macro deployments. At times though, we have supported carriers on projects in areas where a tower just can’t be placed – residential areas, entertainment districts, and on college campuses. In the future, we will see these lines blur as small cells evolve.

Significant gains have been made among a number of jurisdictions regarding the regulatory framework for permitting, permission to use space in the right-of-way, and achieving aesthetic balance with these deployments. For our clients, SSC has played a large role in working with dozens of governmental entities on such policy issues.


Trevor Wood
Director, Small Cell Services