SSC began providing construction management services early in our existence. As time went on, it became clear that our preconstruction services flow nicely to the actual installation needs of a number of our clients. By offering both installation and CM services, we are able to cross train and keep an eye towards quality and budget. Whether large or small, leave it to us to review and understand scope, schedule and cost.

LTE is just the tip of the high speed wireless broadband iceberg. With the promise of Iot and 5G, experienced installation teams are part of SSC’s expansion plans. With tower climbers, logistics specialists, ground based people and experienced delivering backhaul via UER, fiber or microwave, SSC is connecting in-building, macro and small cells to the networks we need to experience the promise of the next generation of wireless from new site builds to rooftop installations, full tower construction to overlays or antenna modifications, SSC provides the project managers, site supervisors, civil, electrical and tower crews with the expertise to execute with the safety and warranted quality our clients expect.


Steve Wilson
Director, DAS Services | 913-438-7700

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