Architecture & Engineering


Selective Site Consultants traces its roots to traditional engineering. Services focus on civil, structural and electrical engineering as well as architectural design. That’s a unique blend of disciplines in the classic engineering community, but serves our clients’ infrastructure design needs quite nicely. Typical challenges encountered by our engineers include design solutions for access roads, retaining walls, concrete foundations, steel platforms, power distribution, lightning protection, antenna configuration, tenant finishes and stealth systems.

After more than twenty years of various deployments, our institutional knowledge and experience is highlighting by the various types of projects we work on. We perform Architecture and Engineering services across the U.S., including macro-cell, small-cell, and DAS. With these services, specific expertise ranging from the structural analysis and tower modifications to soil resistivity measurement and ground system compliance testing are sometimes encountered. SSC has the in-house staff to execute A&E, no matter the project.

Design drives permitting and construction, Without thoughtful execution of this service, timelines slip, contractors are confused and clients are not happy. Drawings reflect a clients needs and expectations whether indoors or out with an eye towards costs and timelines.


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