Macro network site delivery has been the flagship expertise at SSC for two decades. By focusing on quality and efficiency, SSC has been able to leverage technology and client needs to constantly update and improve its delivery methods. From zoning, permitting, and leasing that tough site, to clear, concise construction drawings, the SSC Macro Division utilizes all in house skill sets to transform client needs into sites ready for construction.

The Macro networks of wireless carriers are the core upon which the wireless carrier is centered. As networks expand, densify and change, tower and rooftop sites continue to be the most efficient and cost-effective manner to deliver high quality signal. The lessons of macro deployments extend beyond the traditional wireless industry as well. From broadband, to electrical charging stations, our ability to manage multiple, yet complicated projects in a program sets us apart from our peers. SSC will continue to support and innovate in the sectors we are in, while looking for new opportunities that fit our skills.

Robert Jensen
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