Site Acquisition

Here is how SSC looks at site development: understand the client’s goals, manage expectations, stay on schedule and look ahead to next steps. Field work, site identification, lease negotiations, regulatory review, zoning, and permitting… these are all keys in successful site acquisition outcomes.

Architecture & Engineering

Design drives permitting and construction. Without thoughtful execution of this service, timelines slip, contractors are confused and clients are not happy. Drawings reflect a client’s needs and expectations whether indoors or out with an eye towards costs and timelines.


By offering both installation and Construction Management services, we are able to cross train and keep an eye towards quality and budget. Whether large or small, leave it to us to review and understand scope, schedule and cost.

Program Management

SSC does not take a one size fits all approach to Program Management. We consider a number of scenarios and variables for any given project and create programs that meet client needs. Only a precise delivery of timely and accurate information including procedures, logistics, permits, procurement, quality assurance and subcontractor status can keep the focus. on the program and its success.


We will sit down, determine your needs, work out the budgets and send you on a path towards on-air. From SSC’s “Development Staff in a Box” to engineers, project managers, and site acquisition, we have the breadth and scope to provide you the right people. Just let us know when you need them.


Our teams want you to succeed. Whether advice or budgets or help in pitching that next big project, our knowledge and expertise is at your service. Start with SSC so you don’t end up grinding to a halt while you try to understand what went wrong.