Site Acquisition

SSC performs Site Acquisition and related development services across the United States. We develop and maintain relationships with local municipalities, utilities, developers and other specialists, utilizing experienced program management and proven processes for success. Certainly the identification and securing of site locations for telecom equipment to be installed, whether on an existing structure or a new tower is a key function, but it goes beyond simple real estate transactions. Entitlements, regulatory and various other approvals are necessary for an operator to locate a telecom facility or antenna apparatus on or at a particular location. Additionally, since siting locations and requirements are largely local in scale and scope, SSC spends time educating jurisdictional authorities to prepare them for what is coming next.

After a kickoff meeting with management and the client, our field teams take it from there, As the initial point of contact, our site acquisition teams own projects from start to finish. This is how SSC looks at site development: understand the client’s goals, manage expectations, stay on schedule and look ahead to next steps. Field work, site identification, lease negotiation, regulatory review, zoning, and permitting… these are all keys in successful site acquisition outcomes.

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